Why You’ll ‘Lose’ Your Divorce Proceedings And How To Stop It

We’ve all heard the horrific stories of friends or family members that have gone through a divorce and got absolutely clobbered in the process. Income gone, house no longer in their possession, and any time with their children totally regulated by the state.

Unfortunately, with the family law system we have now, divorce is often turned into a sort of zero-sum game where if one person wins, the other loses, and we’re incentivized into making the proceedings as damaging as possible to make sure we walk away with just a little bit more. The already emotionally charged separation can easily turn into out-and-out hatred and resentment, rather than a peaceful and amicable parting.

One of the primary reasons for this is poor representation on one side of the split. Poor representation comes in many forms, whether it be just outright incompetence, where the lawyer will offer poor advice or not do the necessary research, or just gaming the couple in order to make more money off of the case by incentivizing increased hostility and advising their client to go after more than what’s reasonable.

In order for everyone – not just you, but your former spouse, your children, and your greater social sphere – to ‘win’, you need effective and level-headed representation for your proceedings. For southern California readers, that means partnering with Shuff Law Firm, one of the only law firms in the state with a combined experience of more than 60 years.

The Shuffs – Joseph and Tamara – have worked as a team for the past 14 years to help get their clients through some of the wildest and strangest divorce proceedings imaginable, and have managed to allow them to keep living their lives free of the horror stories that seem so common to separated couples. A quick perusal through their reviews on various platforms testifies to their skills and should give any prospective client confidence in their ability to represent their case, no matter how complex or how bad their prospects may seem:

After 6 years of having one disappointment after another with a different attorney I decided to find someone else that would hopefully do a better job. From the very first phone call Shuff Law Firm handled my unique case with respect and care. Tamara was simply amazing. I was kept apprised of everything that was happening as it happened. The job she did was so well done that the ex actually backed down and reversed her decision to go to court for more support. I can finally take the last step in moving forward with my life thanks to the hard work of Tamara and the team at Shuff Law Firm.

If you have to go through a divorce, then you have to use them.

-Michael G., Yelp Review

Read Michael G.‘s review of Shuff Law Firm on Yelp

Tamara is an amazing lawyer and person.  She really made me feel confident and safe during the process.  Tamara is a sharp, caring thorough and passionate lawyer who will go above and beyond to stick up for you make sure everything goes smooth.  When you need a lawyer, it’s really nice to have one that takes the initiative and explains the whole process of what is happening and what to expect so that you feel prepared.

-Megan R., Yelp Review

If you’re going through a divorce and suspect you may be a victim of poor representation, don’t wait to become yet another horror story shared among friends and family. Give the Shuffs a call:

Shuff Law Firm


2634, 2107 N Broadway STE 301, Santa Ana, CA 92706

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