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In 2011, professional filmmaker Casey Neistat’s video “Bike Lanes” quickly rose to popularity for its slapstick, tragically comedic portrayal of—you guessed it—bike lanes. The video begins with an officer issuing Neistat a ticket for biking outside of the lanes, despite Neistat pointing out that bike lanes are not always safe places for bicyclists.

This video of the now popular YouTuber resonated at the time, and still today, with many who empathized with his frustrations, igniting a conversation about road safety and laws in America.

In the video, Neistat recorded himself riding his bike strictly in the designated lane, which led to multiple crashes into obstructions and vehicles that should not have been in the bike lanes. Vehicles, including police cars, delivery trucks, and pedestrians, all stood in the way of a clear and safe bike lane, all seemingly without deserved consequences. This left the risk and onus entirely on the bikers, who either had to run straight into objects and people that did not belong in the bike lane or receive a penalty by law enforcement. His video appeared to illustrate law enforcement applying penalties to bike riders while failing to apply the same measures to those unjustifiably in bike lanes. 

The video has millions of views as well as countless comments which both praise Neistat’s willingness to prove his point as well as the injustice of regulations that punish those who are often left with no choice but to deviate from bike lanes.

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Traffic and public transportation are often concentrated in densely populated areas in urban cities, posing a high degree of risk for personal injury incidents.

Motor accidents can happen anywhere. If a bicyclist is injured, establishing negligence will be key to ensuring that the victim receives the compensation they legally deserve.

California’s comparative fault system allows possible recovery of damages in the event that a bicyclist is partially at fault. The percentage of the award is based on the bicyclist’s percentage of fault. In the event that you are involved in a cycling accident as a bicyclist, driver, or pedestrian, it is a good idea to consult with an expert with the experience and qualifications of

An effective personal injury lawyer will have an understanding of bicyclist and motorist laws, including traffic laws regarding signals, stops, lights, and more. Victims may recover losses through their insurance coverage, however successfully filing a claim may require legal counsel.

In the event that you have been involved in a personal injury incident, time is of the essence to file a lawsuit, as the time of the incident and filing must comply with the statute of limitations. An efficient accident lawyer will ensure the seamless and swift processing of your lawsuit in your best interests. This is known as their fiduciary duty, which is a duty of good faith and care that an attorney owes their clients.

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