Getting Your Affairs In Order

With the tumultuous year of 2020 finally beginning to wind down, recognition of our own mortality is no doubt at the forefront of many of our minds. A global pandemic, massive and unprecedented wildfires, earthquakes, and destructive hurricane season has a way of doing that to people!
That’s why we’re spotlighting a law firm that specializes in estate planning today, as many of us want to ensure that some semblance of our legacies will continue to protect our loved ones if 2020 claims us as one of its many victims. Burris Law, Orange County’s premier estate planning firm, can provide you with the peace of mind you are looking for in what look like the increasingly stormy years that are ahead for all of us.

Operating since 2015 and founded by a seasoned veteran in the estate planning field, Burris Law has successfully helped establish legal trusts and inheritances for hundreds of clients throughout Orange County. Clients attest to the firm’s honesty and impeccable services to their clients:

For most people I would assume getting a lawyer is a scary thing… for me it surely was! Jason and his team were recommended by a mutual friend and I was of course leary because I just did not know what to expect. I was not excited to have to hire an attorney, I was scared and honestly just frightened that I did not know what to expect. I am SO THANKFUL that my friend recommended Jason and his team. They were KIND, HONEST and FAIR! I could tell from the jump start that they were there to help quickly and fairly. I always heard to be careful of attorneys who charge by the hour because they drag things on etc. Jason was so the opposite. He wanted to be financially “aware” for me which was so relieving from the start – I cant thank this team enough. They literally helped me in every way possible and I am beyond grateful. Getting a lawyer was scary but they definitely changed my perspective and made me humble to know that kind and honest people come into your life in the strangest ways sometimes. THANK YOU BURRIS LAW! (A Jasso, Google review)

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I am 71 years old and have worked my entire life. I want to be sure my wife and family are taken care of with my estate and it never gets tangled up with legal problems upon my passing.
With that in mind, I had an attorney with a very trusted law firm to create my trust. Since this is so important I chose to have Ariana review it for a second opinion. To my amazement with her capability, she found very very important matters that were not completed by the other attorneys.
I could not be more thankful!
It is my opinion that she is enormously competent very pleasant and fair in her billing practices. I am totally comfortable referring Ariana to my friends and colleagues and look forward to continuing to work with her for future legal matters. (James S., Yelp Review)

If 2020 has made you begin to seriously consider setting your affairs in order as it has for so many of us, look no further than Burris Law. They can secure your family’s legacy in a dangerous and increasingly chaotic world in a way most firms could not dream of.
Burris Law
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