Mitigation Mindset

In the field of Family Law, a secondary option is necessary to avoid the often messy and adversarial nature of divorce litigation. Many couples have recognized that their partnership is no longer working out for them, but would like to remain friends or maintain normal relationships so that their families don’t suffer from their separation. For these couples, mediation is usually the preferred method of separation.
Mediation presents a specialist to act as a neutral third party through which both parties can discuss the terms of the separation so that assets and child care may be distributed equitably. The skill of the specialist in ensuring the talks do not break down is essential for the process, so couples looking to utilize this method to separate must be discerning when it comes to selecting a mediator.

For southern California, one mediation firm stands above the pack when it comes to the number of successfully completed mediated separations: McNamee Divorce Mediators. Over its two decades of service, McNamee has left thousands of families intact and functional without the emotional and fiscal devastation that comes with traditional divorce litigation.
The firm has hundreds of testimonials from satisfied clients and maintains a 5 star rating, a major accomplishment for any law firm. Clients attribute the firm’s professionalism and attentiveness:

“If you are deciding to enter mediation, I truly believe it will only work out if both you and your ex have the right mindset: that compromise IS a win. If you both have that mindset, you’re already on the road to surviving a really tough time.
We interviewed a number of mediators by phone and Colleen stood out specifically for her experience in the field. One other major reason for choosing mediation is so that you are able to be creative about all of the details of the resolution. Colleen was able to bring creativity and calm to a stressful process, only amplified by COVID! I’m very relieved to share that we were able to complete our process this week. Give Colleen a call.” (Andrea P., Yelp Review)

“Colleen made what was already a very emotional experience far easier with her genuinely caring and attentive style. She put me at ease within the first 10 minutes at our initial meeting. She explained everything thoroughly, diligently followed up on pending items, and was always open, clear and quick to respond to any questions. Not only did she provide sound advice and suggestions, she also provided helpful referrals for other professionals who’ve been a wonderful help in navigating this process.
I’m thankful we went the mediation route and avoided additional time, cost and tensions, and I’m especially thankful it was with Colleen. Her professionalism, warmth and accessibility made what could have been a daunting experience feel manageable. She helped us reach a fair and mutually beneficial agreement quickly and in the most positive and pleasant atmosphere possible. I highly recommend her to those considering mediation services in the Orange County area.” (A L., Yelp Review)

Divorce is already a terribly stressful and potentially devastating life event; there’s no reason you need to add fuel to the fire through an adversarial legal process. If you want an amicable separation that leaves your family with some semblance of normalcy, get in contact with McNamee Mediations today:
McNamee Mediations
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