Financial Infidelity in The Digital World

Married people cheat for several reasons. Reports reveal that up to 40% of partners are affected by infidelity issues. Frustration is a common trigger for separation between partners and may occur due to several problems. The internet is a great contributor to infidelity in marriage. Many people, unable to cope with stressors in life, try to find excitement in online attractions and cyber relationships, and wind up finding themselves in an affair. Social media is also a potential contributing factor to divorces among partners. Many cheaters lose their emotional connection with their partner and try to seek fulfillment in an online relationship. When one partner gets involved in secret affairs, he or she may start to spend more on the affair, and this can lead to financial infidelity. The internet makes it easy for couples to act dishonestly, which causes trust issues, leading to the breakdown of the marriage.

In addition, running away from marital problems is a major cause of infidelity. When one partner continually creates lies related to financial and emotional affairs, it can open the door to a flood of problems within the marriage. 

What is financial infidelity?

Financial infidelity is not just about disputes between partners related to money matters; rather, it is any purposeful act of holding secret assets, spending money secretly, or secretly using money. The unknown debts or any financial action against the will of a significant other can be recognized as financial infidelity. 

This is one of the most common reasons for divorce among most couples. While marriage counselors advise partners to make all financial decisions through having discussions with each other, a lack of transparency in these important conversations can strain or burden the relationship. It is important to mention that financial infidelity does not start with millions of dollars right away; rather, it starts from a small amount and escalates from there. What hurts isn’t just that the money was spent secretly, it’s that trust was broken over financial matters. 

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Why should you consult with a divorce attorney on financial infidelity?

There is no doubt that financial infidelity and divorce are painful experiences. If these situations occur, one should seek help from an experienced divorce attorney. There are few common signs of financial infidelity including irrational spending behavior, document forging, secret shopping, repeated unusual bank withdrawals, concealment of details about some financial transactions, and changing account passwords time and time again. 

If you observe any of these signs, it is good to consult with an attorney in your city. Experienced divorce attorneys can help their clients navigate the divorce legal system as they recover from heartbreak.

Financial infidelity is a highly troublesome issue for married couples. If you have decided to separate due to financial infidelity, it is best to hire experienced lawyers to present your case in front of the court. They may bring all the essential evidence and proof to fight your case so that you can receive a divorce settlement as swiftly as possible. 

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