Keeping It Together

The most vicious and destructive divorces usually come down to a matter of child custody and support. Whether the parents have become so embittered with one another that they just want to punish one another, or their judgment of the other person’s capacity to act as a parent at all has been so twisted by their personal vindictiveness, divorce litigation can mean the ultimate destruction of one or both parents’ relationship with their children.

In many of these cases, the parent who is more willing to use whatever tactics necessary to win – no matter how underhanded or ugly – often does end up with the upper hand. These are the kinds of people willing to spend most of their money, time, and energy doing whatever it takes to tear down the other party and ensure they get as little contact with their children as possible, either as a form of punishment or because of their own delusional sense of self-righteousness.

This leaves the other parent in an awkward position – either you try to match the other party’s level of energetic hatred, or you try to keep your children’s lives and image of their parents unmarred by capitulating and settling for an unfair custody and supportive arrangement. Though many parents opt for this second route, in many ways it can leave both them and their kids in a much worse position than if they had done what they could to ride out the battle at court.

So, if you are opting to take the first option and do what you have to in order to maintain a relationship with your children and ensure you are not entrapped in a ruinous child support arrangement, you only have one real weapon at your disposal: finding the best child support lawyer available in your area and holding on for dear life.  For us here in southern California, that means getting in contact with Shuff Law Firm.

The Shuffs have been in the field of Divorce and Family Law for almost half a century, with Joe Shuff starting his firm all the way back in 1974. Tamara joined her father in 2006 and has been practicing in her own right ever since.

With the years of experience under their belt, the Shuffs have seen every kind of divorce you can think of: from peaceful and amicable cases where couples seamlessly separate and go on with their lives to the most awful and embittered court battles imaginable. Through it all, they’ve managed to keep a 5-star review average on Yelp and give their hundreds of clients the kind of results only a highly professional and conscientious firm can hope to provide.

Not only are their results impeccable, the firm is known for a highly personable and caring atmosphere – they genuinely want what is best for their clients, and they work hard to get them what they deserve. So says Laura K. from her testimonial on Yelp:

“Shuff Law Firm was recommended to me by a dear friend and I highly recommend them to you!

Joe, Tamara and their entire team work with the utmost professionalism coupled with a genuine care for their clients needs. This Father- Daughter team brings many many years of experience to the table! They’ll represent you with integrity, honesty, and a great energy, yet will not be steamrollered by opposing counsel.

Most recently, Tamara held my hand during an incredibly tough situation while believing in me and the justice to prevail. Her kind heart keeps her honest and her experience keeps her strong!

I can’t recommend Shuff Law Firm enough!”

If you’re facing down the barrel of a long and hard fought legal case, don’t just roll over and capitulate. You owe it to yourself and your children to get a fair and equitable custody and child support arrangement; to this end, get in contact with the Shuffs:

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