A Breakdown In Negotiations

The typical negotiation is a complex and interesting thing, as it’s almost like a real world application of game theory. Both parties have something to gain by working together, yet they can gain even more by betraying the other.
This goes especially in cases like divorce proceedings, where emotions run high and the desire to hurt and humiliate the other party is a primary driving factor. Just like in game theory, however, both parties can lose much more if they choose to betray one another in the same ‘game’. Families can be torn apart, children can suffer from lifelong psychiatric wounds, and fortunes can be squandered in the pursuit of mutual destruction.

This is why the crucial role of a mediator is often necessary. By using a neutral third party to keep discussion on track and help handle an equitable distribution of the assets in question, the opposing parties can usually keep their emotions in check for the greater good without feeling as if they are being slighted or cheated.
The role of mediator is tricky, and it takes an experienced hand as well as a very particular kind of personality to ensure that the process is done correctly and without either party backing out and resuming the legislative battle. It can be genuinely difficult to find a reputable and well-regarded marriage and family law mediator in most places around the country.
Luckily for Orange County residents, we have one of the finest in the world right here at home. McNamee Mediations is one of the most accomplished and reputable mediators in the business, as the glowing testimonials from clients and their spokesmen can attest to. Take a peak:

As a financial planner, I see my clients go through a number of changes in their lives and sometimes it includes a separation/divorce. Mediation is the far better option when dissolving a marriage as it puts a lot less strain not only on the finances but also the emotions of everyone involved. This is where Colleen McNamee stands out. As an attorney-mediator, she is extremely knowledgeable in her field, has two decades of experience, but also truly cares about her clients. Something that cannot be taught in law school is the gift of empathy and caring for others, which translates into achieving fair and equitable results for couples. Thanks to her very strong skill set and the services she’s able to offer, she remains a neutral counsel to both parties throughout the process, and the Agreements she drafts are far superior to any other divorce mediator I have seen! My clients have come out feeling like they were treated fairly, received their equitable shares, and can now move forward with their lives onto their next chapters. -Katerina Hencova

I have known Colleen McNamee for over two years and I love how she handles people who are having marriage problems. She is always interested in what is best for everyone involved, especially for any children. Sometimes, it’s a “marriage contract” that she draws up to help people stay together amicably instead of getting a divorce. If divorce is the only option, then unlike a contentious court divorce with attorneys pitting spouses against each other in public and draining the couple’s bank accounts, Colleen can get couples working together for the best solution, at far lower cost, and it’s a private matter. I highly recommend her services, and so do people who have gotten divorces through her because they often talk about how she made it so much less stressful than a courtroom divorce. -Gregg Hill

If the testimonials aren’t enough for you, hear Colleen herself give you a rundown of the business and how she approaches her craft:

With a solid mediator, negotiations are almost guaranteed to go smoothly. If you or a loved one is facing the possibility of a communications breakdown, have them call McNamee Mediations today:
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