Trials And Tribulations: The Search For A L.A. Office Furniture Dealer

A dear friend and fellow attorney recently left his longtime firm to strike out on his own. He told me that he was tired of being repeatedly passed over for a promotion to partner in favor of better brown nosers and that the long, arduous path of self-employment would better fit his style.
He hit his first snag after finding a suitable office space. His time at the firm had left him with enough capital to hire on a few paralegals and office assistants, but for the life of him, he could not find an office supply dealer who could furnish the office in the timeframe he needed.

This is when he turned to me and asked me for help. I had taken the same leap as him years before, and we had managed to hit the ground running after a local supplier quickly furnished our office after a few short weeks.
That supplier was Creative Office Design, an L.A. local firm that has been in the game for a long while and is no stranger to filling rush orders. Things had changed significantly in the few years that had passed, however, and I was worried that they would be similarly backed up thanks to delayed shipments and other supply chain issues resulting from the pandemic.
I gave the company a call and my worries were immediately assuaged – the owner of the company had foreseen the trouble coming and was well stocked on new and used packages that could be quickly shipped to wherever they were needed.
I passed on the message to my friend, and we both took a trip down to Creative’s office furniture show room in L.A. to start the floor design planning process. One of the major benefits of working with Creative is the services they offer in addition to the office equipment. The team helped choose out what furniture options worked best for my friend’s needs and even began laying out an ideal interior design to get the most out of the space and the equipment.
This level of service exemplifies why Creative has been so successful here in southern California. Just take a look at what customers have said through the years if you need more proof:

We had the pleasure of working with Brian Mills and his team for design/installation of new cubicles in addition to new and refurbished office furniture for our office. Not only did Brian deliver great products, his pricing was extremely competitive and he and his team ensured that every last detail met or exceeded our expectations. The result was a fresh new look, and the project was completed within the time frame promised. We highly recommend Creative Office Design for your next office refresh/renovation! ~ Jennifer Nichols, Rand Technology

Brian had excellent follow through and made the whole process furnishing our office stress free and exciting! – Anthony Innocenti, Google Review

With his new office equipment picked out and prearranged design, my friend was quickly able to start the move-in process and get business rolling. If you find yourself in a similar situation and need to furnish your office quickly, give the team at Creative Office Design a call. Not only can they quickly turn your order around, they’ll assist you in ensuring you get the most out of your office space.
Creative Office Design
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